9 Thoughts On Harrison Fords’ Plane Crashing on a Golf Course

Harrison Ford
1. “Hey, buddy just ASK to play through next time.” 


2. “According to this Snapple fact the ancient Arnold Palmers hid the treasure at hole 14.”


3. “This is what happens when Indiana Jones’ caddy doesn’t show up.”


4. “Do we get a free game if we hit the ball into the Indiana Jones Plane?”


5. “Hans Solo! I repeat turn RIGHT at hole 12. Are you THERE?! NOOOO!!!” 


6. “They were actually filming a scene from Indiana Jones 5 “The Lost Golf Balls of the Pacific” 


7. “Air Force Hole In One” 


8. “Chewy find out what *titleist bullets* are made of.”


9. And of course…”someone should have got off his own plane…”

-Aaron Smallets

We at Bluepers wish Harrison Ford a speedy recovery. This was not posted until it was absolutely sure Mr. Ford was OK.  He is without a doubt one our most beloved actors. At Bluepers we believe humor can heal anything. 


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