13 of the Worst Things To Hear on a First Date


1. “I’m a model.”

2. “My Dad hasn’t paid my rent in months.”

3. “I only eat organic.”

4. “I’m going to Yelp about this place.”

5. “Double the tax.”

6. “I have a lot of followers on Instagram.”

7. “I only went to the gym once today.”

8.  “I have a mayo allergy.”

9. “I never eat dessert.”

10. “Does my salad look better with this filter..or this one?”

11. “I’m a designer. I make t-shirts with funny sayings.”

12. “I know the bouncer.”

13. “I write a very popular blog.”

-Aaron Smallets


2 thoughts on “13 of the Worst Things To Hear on a First Date

  1. Many of those things could be fished out with just a little pre-date messaging 🙂
    And what’s so horrible about “double the tax”? I’m assuming that’s in reference to figuring out how much to tip? That doesn’t make someone a horrible, self centered dingo unworthy of a second date, does it?

    • Because if you ask MOST servers, MOST of the time they receive an average of 18% of the total check (with tax). If you are just doubling the tax, which on average is 8%, you’re leaving 16% of the check (PRE TAX). Which would be about 14% with tax. Either way this method has you leaving the bare minimum. If you’re fine with leaving someone the bare minimum, then there’s nothing to argue about here.

      Bill: $100
      Tax: $8
      Total: $108
      Average Tip: 19.44 (18% after tax)

      Shitty Double the Tax option: $16.

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