The Difference Between Men and Women Ordering at a Restaurant



Server: “Can I get you another drink?”

Lady Guest: “What?? oh….Ummm, I don’t know, Rachel are you getting another drink…’re not? What drink are you having now? Let me try it. Hmmm can I see the drink list again? Uhhh do you have anything with mint? And that’s sweet but not too sweet? A Mojito? Hmmm. Actually I’l just get a Vodka Cranberry. Oh you don’t have Ketel One? I guess Grey Goose is Ok. Can they make this one a little stronger..but not too strong? Actually, I’ll just get what I got before and a water. Actually the whole table will have water too.”


Server: Can I get—

Male Guest: Another round please. 






-Smurph (Aaron Smallets)


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