Biggest Loser Wins ….By Losing Big. And We’re Furious?


I don’t know what it is. We can’t handle extreme. We like our gays gay, but not too gay (sorry NO fems), we like girls to be bitchy but not bitches, and apparently we like our Biggest Loser skinny, but not TOO skinny.

Last night, Rachel Frederickson, won biggest loser by shedding 59% of her body weight. From 260 to 105: she basically lost another one of her. She went from the girl we say “ate too many Big Macs” to the girl we say “you need to eat a Big Mac” Amazing right? I say congratulations. Others say differently.

Some people said it went too far, it was unhealthy and, “does she have a eating disorder?”. They say she lost TOO much weight -on a show where the objective is to lose the most weight.


This is a show, now in it’s 15th year, where season after season people lose hundreds of pounds in just weeks and no one has ever said anything. But now that the skinniness is too much- almost…Kate Moss skinny we can’t handle it. “Kate Moss isn’t real!!”

We like to sound concerned. “Barbara do you see how skinny she is?? I’ll never be that skinny. I’m upset! Not because she actually deserves to win and she looks good, but because I’m CONCERNED! Is Survivor still on? At least on that show people are forced to starve themselves.”

But do we honestly really care? I know I don’t. She was on a game show. Through all those sniffles, and all those “I want to be here for my kids”-crap, these people were still trying to win $250,000. Who the hell cares how she got there? I don’t care if she’s been downing cotton balls for the last week (I saw this on a Beyoncé Video). She…WON. These people actually watched a WHOLE season of a game show about people losing weight and got angry when they lost too much of it.

That’s like the Top Chef judges saying, “You know this meal tasted TOO good, we can’t have that in a Top Chef”.

I seem to remember just three days ago the whole country was watching another game where someone got severely injured.  That game was the Superbowl and the sport was Football. A sport where people get injured all the time- like everyday, like every game. But who cares about broken bones when you can actually see someone’s bones.

Whether she now as an eating disorder or not, Rachel Frederickson, once had an overeating disorder, and as it stands she’s overcome that. All we saw is what was on Television…which come to think of it adds five pounds…

We only know she looked good and will no longer take up two seats on the bus. With or without those five pounds.


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