All Love is now OK


It’s technically Thursday and I feel this is a perfect throwback.

I remember how bittersweet November 4th 2008 was. I was so proud of America and how far we had come. A person, who almost fifty years ago couldn’t even use the same bathroom as me , will now be President. Wow what change in America. I smiled. But it didn’t last.

Check. We’ve overcome one hurdle. One more to go.

Then I waited for the rest of the results. The smile didn’t last long. 52% of the state voted “yay” to ban the marriage of two loving people. Tears filled my eyes.

I don’t think it was me being white, gay or even American that upset me. It made me sad that people chose to destroy something beautiful-or what others found beautiful. Regardless that it had nothing to do with them.

They had two boxes to check. Neither of which would have one effect on them. Nothing. No matter what box they checked their life in a year, two years, or twenty years would be the same.

But those two boxes meant so much to many people. One box checked would bring sadnesss…the other, immense joy. That day my heart sank. Not only because I couldn’t get married, or because I couldn’t see others get married, but because 52% of a population decided to bring sadness on people they have never met. Whether they thought about it or not. They chose a box that would bring nothing to them yet bring harm to others.

Five years have gone by. The Supreme Court has decided that those 52% never had a right to fill in those boxes.

Today, I smile again. I wish I so much I was there to celebrate right now, with a different sign from a different cardboard box. Not just to celebrate gay rights. But for the hope that our country continues to choose Happiness above all.

What a beautiful day. To all the couples gay or straight. Hold each other a little tighter tonight. America has said it’s ok.


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