Why the Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Relationship Infuriates Me.

Dustin Lance Black/Tom Daley

It was recently announced that fresh out of the closet Tom Daley’s new love interest is that of almost 40 year-old Dustin Lance Black, Oscar Winning Screenwriter. 

Tom Daley was two years old when the First Wives Club came out. Four, when Britney Spears released “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. I can just picture it, “I like the Great Gatsby book better”. “Great Gatsby is a book too!? Cheers!”

Dustin Lance Black is twenty, yes twenty years older than Tom Daley. 

I know what you’re saying…”Aaron you’re just bitter because you want Tom Daley”

Yes and no. This relationship is just one of many of this type I’m referring to.

Tom Daley is beautiful and I wouldn’t object to a shag or two. But with or without the Olympic medal he’s not someone I would take home to my parents. Why? Because he’s 19. He’s naive. He’s insecure.  Has a LOT to learn. If I asked him to buy the wine he would probably come back with a six pack of wine coolers. Oh! But wait he can’t buy alcohol because he’s 19….ohhhh Dustin.

Lets flashback to last April when these two first met.

Dustin Lance Black has been around the block a couple hundred times. Around the block and on the top of the block. He knows the block and loves the block. He’s 38.

Tom Daley. He’s never been to the block.  EVER. He doesn’t even know where it is. He doesn’t know one thing about the block. He’s 18.

This is isn’t a sweet little block by the way. This is being Gay. It’s a whole new world. Full of insecurities, full of jealousy. But yes also full of a lot of fun and temptation. Either way it’s not an easy transition.

Dustin Lance Black knows this. He also knows he owns a beautiful house, can travel anywhere and can get VIP treatment anywhere. Things that can make this new journey to Gayville a lot easier.

To Tom Daley this gay thing is new to him. He has no idea what it means.

In comes  a little unicorn called Dustin Lance Black. Did I say he’s 38? HE’S 38!!?? “Hey man what up? I’m Dustin. Want to come over to my place and I can show you my Oscar? It’s bigger in person.”  Tom hops on the unicorn and off to his new world.

Now, as much as I keep mentioning age. It’s not the number one reason I’m angry. Yes I’m actually angry.

My problem here is if Dustin Lance Black weren’t Dustin Lance Black; someone who owns a big house, can travel anywhere, VIP treatment and is constantly mentioned with three names, he would have zero chance with Tom Daley.

I read an article today saying that they fell in love quickly. Now I hate to question love. But what I do know is Tom Daley has never been in love. He’s never been with a guy PERIOD. All of a sudden he has all these new feelings and a guy that can give him whatever he wants. He’s in a place full of rainbows and sunshine.  Yes if I was 19, I would probably call that love too.

My main reason for being pissed is this:


I would, never, ever date an 18 year old, and I’m a lot younger then Dustin Lance Black. Mainly because I couldn’t imagine having a real conversation with one.

Two, if I truly respected the person I couldn’t/shouldn’t date them.

I love my life right now. I have a lot to work on. I know this. However, I am light years ahead of where I was at 18. Everything I learned wasn’t from someone holding my hand. It was from someone letting go. I know this. Dustin Lance Black knows this.

Did I mention…what does an award winning screenwriter of gay themes talk about with a kid who didn’t even know he was gay eight months ago?

I hate judging relationships. You can’t judge something you don’t know anything about. I do know Tom Daley is in a new world. A world he needs to learn either on his own or with people who are not “light years” ahead of him. Out of respect.

-Aaron Smallets (Smurph)

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65 thoughts on “Why the Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Relationship Infuriates Me.

  1. it just constantly perpetuates the idea of being gay is youth worship. If you’re 40, you are to be disdained and a fossil by the gay community. The “gay community” is full of self loathing. This is one relationship based on “self loathing”. Go ahead Flame me!!!! but all of us gay men know what the truth is here. I’m 50 lost my lover to AIDS, had another one for 12 years basically the same age, and am now single. Guess what? Even though I am successful, work out, am in shape, etc. not one single gay man age 50 wants to date me, they want “younger”. It’s BULLSHIT. AND IT’S FULL OF SELF LOATHING.

    • No one is obligated to be interested in you. You might also want to check your “woe is me” victim attitude as that might be why no one is interested in you. It’s funny how you call it “youth worship” when it takes two. That “youth” is dating a 39 year old man, so if all older guys are undesirable then why is this youth dating one? So yeah, this is a problem that probably has more to do with your attitude than anything else. Try being less bitter and jaded. It’s not sexy. Oh, and btw, Justin Lance Black is HOT. Check out his nudes too, they’re splattered all over google along with a HOT sex tape.

    • I think you nailed it here. Thank you so much for this comment. That’s a big part of why I wrote this. People say “I’m bitter” or “who are you to judge…let them have their fun”. 1. I’m not bitter lol. 2. This is so much more then age difference. It’s exactly what you’re saying. Dustin should date someone his own age. At least in the same spectrum. This isn’t even in the ballbark. But I bet you a 38 year old is…too old for him. It’s about accepting your own age. He sets this bar that his own profile isn’t good enough.

  2. tom says he hasn’t been with a guy before? we don’t know that….he could have at least had a curious sexual encounter with another boy…and it’s not fair to say dustin wouldn’t have a chance with tom if he wasn’t rich, famous etc..they are both celebrities in their own right…maybe tom like’s “daddy types” and maybe dustin likes “son types”…hardly a shocking, scandalous, new concept in the gay community…

  3. let’s see…you don’t like judging…yet you’re doing exactly that. My take is for now (which is really any of us REALLY HAS) but for now, they are happy. Will it last forever? Have they taken each other home to meet the folks? don’t know, don’t care. If they are lucky enough to have found a bit of happiness (however long it lasts) good for them. As long as no one is actively hurting the other etc etc. Have at it boys – enjoy

    • Nope I don’t like to judge relationships. I only judge when I truly believe someone is doing something wrong. That’s what I believe here. You don’t have to agree.

  4. yeah, instead of dating an older B-level celebrity gay who has successfully dealt with many of the same issues (i.e., coming out on the world stage), mega-famous, teen super-star Tom Daley should just get on Grindr or Scruff or move to NYC and grow a stupid beard and wear plaid… who are you kidding? in the old days someone like Tom would live a dual life and get AIDS or become Tom Cruise or John Travolta…

  5. Your article does nothing but demonstrate that for all of the -isms we’re conquering, ageism is alive and thriving, and most particularly in the gay community. Suggesting that something’s inherently wrong about a relationships because of an age difference is really no different than saying “two men shouldn’t be together,” or that “races shouldn’t intermix.” You mention “Respect” — how about respecting the love between two adults fully capable of making their own decisions without your rash and cruel assumptions.

    • Again. Like I said in the article it’s not about the age difference. It’s about the age. There’s a huge difference between a 25 year old guy dating a 45 year old guy…than an 18 year old dating a 38 year old. Then again you’re right it partly about ageism. Dustin can’t find someone in his own age pool to date? No, because his own age is too old for him. It’s almost bizarre to me that I have to keep defending the age 18 as too young for a 38 year old. Especially someone that just discovered he was gay and doesn’t know who he is. Would you have no problem dating someone who had no idea who he was?

      • Who ever said that Dustin can’t find a guy his age? Maybe him and Tom hit it off when they met? WHO THE FUCK CARES? Focus on your own damn relationship and leave other people alone. It’s a complete waste of time caring about people who have absolutely nothing to do with you. Does their relationship affect you in any way? No. So leave it alone. It’s the same exact argument that we use when conservative religious people want to ban gay marriage. They don’t need to get married, so why the fuck do they need to even try to stop people from having their individual rights? If Dustin wanted someone his age, I’m sure he’d find someone. He found Tom and I’m sure he couldn’t be happier right now. People need to stop being judgmental and assuming shit,. It makes them look ugly as fuck. Have a great night.

      • Its quite common for a young guy to date an older guy, when he is new to the gay thing, as a way of learning the rops and finding out who he is and what he likes. btw how do u know that black cant find someone of his own age, hes probally dated people of all sorts of ages.

      • Who the fuck are you to say that he has no idea who he is? Once someone discovers their sexuality, they know themselves more than they ever have because they know what they want in life. As long as they’re happy, whether Tom is “naive”, everyone should stop bitching about this.

  6. Aside from judging Dustin, you’re making very harsh judgements about “gay youth” as well. Who says they can’t have an intelligent conversation? Who says they can’t be mature? Certainly, he hasn’t been around the block as many times as Dustin, and perhaps that’s part of the attraction, Tom can learn from his older lover/mentor. If he feels safe with Dustin (as he has stated), then that’s all that should matter, and if he’s in love, he’s in love. It might last, it might not, but it’s not for you to decide! I think your self-stated “anger” is just a mask for that little green monster called jealousy.

    • Good point! Thanks for the comment! Trust me though I’m not a jealous or bitter person. I did, however, decide to google a lot of Tom Daley interviews today and his hosting on the UK version of Splash. He comes off a lot more intelligent then the “outing video” he made. So maybe I did judge too harshly. I think the reason it really gets to me…is I have a beautiful intelligent 18 year old sister. If she brought home a 38 year old I would probably punch him in the face. That’s not something I can give reason too. It would just piss me off.

      • And if your sister found a man, she loved, and loved her who was many years her senior, as a loving brother you would shut up, put up and accept your sisters judgement. You have no right to interfere, you can say to her you don’t like him, that’s your right but to intervene with violence I think she would be justified to tell you to get out of her life!

  7. I don’t think you have a right to be angry about someone else’s relationship. We all have a right to find love with which ever consenting adult we choose. You don’t know Tom or Dustin’s sexual or emotional needs. Whether or not it works out is beside the point. This is Tom and Dustin’s experience, not yours. They’ll learn and grow from it, not you. They may end up together forever. Still not your business.

    • You know it’s funny. People keep saying I don’t “have a right”. I have a right to be happy, sad, angry about anything. This was an opinion of mine. Which…I’m pretty sure will pan out to be true. But on the other hand you have soo many people bashing celebrities for this and that. Take Carrie Underwood. She did what she loved last night. Then the web was flooded with reviews on how bad she did. Are we suppose to say “that’s none of our business?”. No. We write these things because these people put themselves in the spotlight. At the end of it all…I have a right to disagree. You can agree all you want. But I am more then free not too.

    • Is there a manual on how to find your own way in gay life? People have different experiences, live different lives and there is no rule to what will you take from a relationship.
      Everyone is let down in the first few crushes, for a bunch of stupid reasons, and I see no difference in doing that with a 20 or 40 years old. That’s called trying and the old malicious guy can break his heart as much as the inconsequent young one. And they will. And that will be Tom finding his own way, just like you did (but obviously dating guys your own age only. Or older guys).

  8. Ahm. Tom Daily is British. In the UK you can buy and drink alcohol with 18. So that “oh he’s 19 and to young for alcohol” is rubbish. ;)

  9. I’m curious about why you switch from 19 to 18 on more than one occasion. If tom is happy then let him be happy. It is, and no wait for it.. NONE of your business. Here’s some ice for your burn.

    Who he dates or who he is attracted to no matter how old his interest is. is none of your fucking business. :)

  10. we gays have suffered greatly from the idea that some kinds of people (men) shouldn’t date other kinds of people (other men). these are consenting adults. in my opinion, we should allow consenting adults to love other consenting adults as they choose.

  11. Couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Murphy. They threw this out into the public sphere, through the DLB-penned “coming out” video, which gives bloggers every right to opine on the matter. No doubt Dustin Lance Black’s fame, wealth and celebrity connections are powerful bait when he goes after boys. What 19 year old British gay boy is not completely fixated on Hollywood? Entree into this glittery world is what really has besotted Tom Daley, not necessarily DLB. I think DLB should get his meat hooks out of that boy! It’s unseemly and predatory. This whole thing has been a PR disaster for DLB. No wonder he hasn’t spoken about it publicly.

  12. A teenage male has an unfinished pre-frontal cortex. That is the area of the brain that deals with risk taking and gratification, among other things. That is why men are is still considered to be adolescent until about the age of 24. Whatever this means is still up for debate, but we do know that a 19 year old is not finished growing into the man he will someday be.

  13. I’m 42 and my boyfriend is 25. We’ve been dating for 3.5 years and there is nothing unsubstantial about our relationship. We’re peers. Sure I know more about being gay than he does. Do you know what a trivial sliver of life that is? He goes out with his friends to bars and I stay home because I’m over it. That’s two evenings a month. It’s not particularly impactful.

    • Thank you thank you for your comment! So many hateful comments on here instead of actual discussions. Like I keep saying. I have nothing against age difference. However, 18 is MUCH different then 22. Especially someone who has never been out and most of all didn’t even know he was gay a year ago. I have two good friends that are actually almost the same age difference and possibly more. I’ve seen them together and they have a great relationship. What it comes down to is this. When I fully commit in a relationship, I’m in for the long haul. I would never commit to an 18 year old who just discovered he was gay. I wouldn’t do it because I couldn’t give myself to someone who couldn’t fully give themselves to me. They can’t fully give themselves because they don’t know themselves. They certainly won’t learn anything about who they are with me.

  14. Amen!! Great article. At 23 I can’t see myself with a teenager anymore, because I clearly remember those times! Confusing, curiousity, difficulty… Coming of age and coming out is not a cake walk and I’m sure that the perks of being with an oscar winner make the waves less rough. I don’t know Daley or Black, surely don’t know what it’s like to be rich and famous so I think judging their relationship is mostly unfair but it sure as hell should raise eyebrows. At nearly 40 wouldn’t you want to be with someone more alike, something more than a barely legal hottie who needs to feel “safe?” I’ve been with an older guy, it was fun for awhile because as a confused teen being with someone mature and well versed in the gay world is comfortable. Plus older guys will worship a younger guy like he’s never been worshipped before , the praise and compliments are the light at the end of the tunnel known as adolescence . But eventually, I realized we had nothig In common, ad real relationships need that kind of understanding. Gay teens need old gay friends to show them the ropes before showing them around their bed. I wish them the best of luck and couldn’t be happier for Daley but twenty years is a HUGE gap… Think this way, if you were a parent of a 19 year old gay straight whatever and they brought home a guy/girl twice their age, wouldn’t your jaw drop !?

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s bizarre to me that I have to keep defending my opinion that a 38 year-old dating someone who could be in High School is a little off.

      • Many people find it bizarre that they have to defend the opinion that men dating other men (or women dating other women) is a little off. Many people find it bizarre that they have to defend the opinion that white people dating black people is a little off. Many people find it bizarre that they have to defend the opinion that Protestants dating Jews is a little off. These kinds of opinions have a dark history. In my opinion, we should be cautious about expressing them.

  15. Sad ! Sad that gay people are their own worst enemies. Live and let live for God’s sake ! He loves him, that’s cool ! Who do you love ? Your reflection in the mirror ?

    • It is documented that gay men get into relationships with large age differences more often than hetero people do. As long as it is not a predatory relationship who are we to judge ?
      Dan Savage has written about this kind of situation in his column. He says that the older guy needs to adhere to the ” campsite rule”. In other words, if this relationship breaks up, the older man must leave the younger in better condition than he found him i.e. no diseases, no trauma, drama or hard feelings …. just good memories.

  16. I can’t take this article seriously when the author doesn’t know the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’.

  17. I’m 46 and my BF is 28 and we have been together 8 years, got married last year in New York. Seriously keep your age judgments to yourself. Chronological age is not an indicator of maturity or experience, Mr Daley, for example, has traveled more in his young life than many people three times his age, his breadth of experience would be pretty rich, he is most certainly not naive, which is reflected by the way he has managed his own “outing” rather than have the ever leering paparazzi break the story.
    Also you might want to update yourself to to be a little more global, your ignorant comments on not being able to drink only apply to America, in the U.K (and most parts of the world) the drinking age is 18, so yes I might ask him to buy me some wine, perhaps the vintage he enjoyed the last time he was in Bordeaux!

  18. Shame on you! We don’t want straight people passing judgement on our relationships, but yet you are passing all kinds of judgement on them.

    I am pretty sure Tom knew he was gay LONG before 8 months ago, I am pretty sure that Tom had been fucked in his pretty little ass way before Mr.Black came around. Do you not remember coming out, maybe you were different than the majority of us, but when we came out we were saying we were bi or we just started liking gays or whatever when all along we knew we were completely gay and once we found people still loved us we slowly started being more truthful.

    As far as what they have in common, hello! I thought you were gay. Since I was 21 and still to this day my group of gay friends have always ranged in age all the way up to 60! No I wasn’t fucking them, but I got along great with them and our conversations were vast. So that bullshit is out the window.

    I am 35 and my other half is 24. We have been together 3 years. We don’t have issues relating to the same things. Other than video games. I don’t like them, but he does. Which isn’t saying much, my 34 year old brother loves his xbox!

    Anyways. Sorry about the rant. I just find it childish to harp on someones relationship, especially when they say they are happy. He is an adult. So its his decision!

    • I’m happy for you and your relationship. I think it’s great that you two are together. I’m sure you have a great relationship and I have no reason to doubt that. But again…I don’t know how many times….How many times I have to write this. There’s a HUGE difference between a 21 year who is out and knows himself, then Tom Daley who in April didn’t even know he was gay. Heroine can make me happy but it doesn’t mean I should do it. That’s where the judgement comes in. I truly in my heart believe what Dustin is doing is wrong. And just because straight people judge us for being gay…shouldn’t prevent a gay person from passing judgement on a relationship they think is morally wrong.

      • A big assumption your making “April did not know he was gay”, you mean publicly acknowledged it, for all. you know he has been “out” to family/friends/himself since he was 11

  19. Oh, please. If Tom can come out so very publicly (I mean, a YouTube post is an international press conference but u get to skip the q&a bit) @ 18.5 being bi isn’t new to him. Trust me. There’s nothn 2b pissed about here. If they’re still loving when Tom’s 38 & Dustin 58 gr8, if not @ least they knew love for a while. Some nvr get to know what it feels like 2b loved. I saw Tom’s post. He said, “I’m happy” more than once. There’s nothn 2b pissed about.

  20. I have never understood people’s need to judge the decisions and actions of those who are famous. We who are not really don’t know what it’s like to be famous. Their lives, from what I can tell, are so vastly different than ours.

    Aside from that, I have known many teenaged men who are much more mature than others their age. I have also known a great many middle-aged who never seemed to have grown up. So, who’s to say that Tom isn’t one of these 25 year olds in a 19 year old body? Given his experiences, which include a lot of discipline and hard work, he hasn’t really been a “teen” much, but rather has been living the life of an adult, being committed to his profession.

    Essentially it comes down to people not believing that a person who is of legal age is in his right mind to make his own choices. Where is the respect in that?

    As a father of a 19 year old and a 17 year old, I couldn’t see either of my boys with someone older – but that is mostly because I don’t seem them having anything in common with anyone older at this time.

    I will also add, in the professional world I work in I have worked with people of all ages, from those still in college to those who are retired. I have had excellent conversations with many young people. We like the same music, the same movies, prefer similar quiet lifestyles. A number of people in my age group do not have the same interests at all. Does that mean that somehow any of us are doomed in life because there are people in our own age group we don’t connect with? No. It’s all about individuals.

    One last thought, and that is that I am appalled when I see anyone who is part of a group that has been judged and who has had to fight for the right to exist, have relationships, even get married, when I see these people judging others who are attracted to someone with which we can’t understand the attraction. WE should be the most tolerant of all, don’t you think?

    I will not fault Tom for being into older men. I won’t fault Dustin for being into younger guys. I think it’s great they found each other. It’s hard to find someone with whom you can connect, so when it happens, celebrate it. If only we could all be so happy.

    In other words, stop stressing and relax. There is far too much anger in this world already.

  21. “You can’t judge something you don’t know anything about.”

    Would have been better off just posting this line. You don’t know Tom, or Dustin, or them together. They’re both adults and that’s all that matters. If it really makes you as made as you’re saying then the problem is you. Why are you so invested in something that has NOTHING to do with you?

  22. SO this is a real stupid article…also Tom is from the UK he can buy wine there. The legal drinking age is 18. So Tom wants a Daddy…plus at his level it hard from him to find another 19 year old that can handle his life. Leave him alone.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m well aware he’s legal in the UK. I, however,live in the U.S. as does my family. If I were to bring a 19 year old to meet my family they wouldn’t have time to fly to the UK to buy wine.

  23. Tom just came out (sorta..halfway…almost) This relationship will be short lived because when your 18…..you don’t want to hang out with your dad all the time.
    I think we should be looking at the major issues this age gap will cause.
    1. Will Tom’s friends call Lance Mr.Black? (will they have to ask him if Tom can come out to play?)
    2. If Tom goes out to one of Lances parties will he be cranky the next day?
    3. Will this affect Toms nap schedule?
    4. Does Lance get a say in how Tom is raised? And will he have to be present when hiring a babysitter for Tom?
    5. Can Tom sleep over at Lances if there are no rails on the bed so he doesn’t fall off in his sleep?

    At the end of the day they can do what they want. We have all seen how these play out. Kids comes out. Old fucks move in for the kill. They dink around for a while and then the youngin usually realizes they are missing out on the joys of being young and being out and break up.

    Also for everyone saying that buddy is bitter for writing this I find it accurate and amusing.
    For some reason we think being gay has its own set of rules, it doesn’t. “gay life” is actually just called “Life”
    A 40 year old gay guy with an 18 year old gay boy(?) is no better or worse than a 40 year old straight guy and an 18 year old girl. Its disgusting (in my opinion)

  24. I’ve known lots of gay couples where one partner is one or two (or more) decades older than the other. When I was Tom’s age (way back in the 1980s) my favorite guys to date (or hook up with) were always over 35. I’ve always preferred older men, so it’s no surprise that my husband is 11 years older than me. Some people like older men, some like younger. You’re just being a hater.

  25. You know something? What is most important about this story is that Tom Daley is one of the few sports people to come out – and to come out when he (hopefully) has the peak of his career still to come. Coming out at 19 is still a big deal and doing it in full public gaze is pretty amazing. It’s dissapointing to see a post like this, actually criticising his choice of partner – who are we to judge – and, by judging, how does that make us difference from any other kind of prejudice?
    Oh, and you might like to know that in the UK, you can buy alcohol from 18, so Tom would be sorted on the wine.

  26. Certain issues you’ve raised in accordance with his age seem arbitrary to me. Wine? What if Tom Daley is a wine connoisseur? How do you know that he doesn’t frequently drink good wine? (Which he can do in England by the way) Why is this even relevant?!

    I think there are certain presumptions you have made about his personality which are quite frankly nothing more than biased generalisations. Remember, not every 18 year old is vapid and inexperienced, just as not every 38 year old is mature and well-mannered.

    I also don’t acknowledge your presumption that he will not experience hardships associated with being gay due to his ‘unicorn’ leading the way. There have been a lot of cruel things said about him after coming out., regardless of any fame or stature.

    At the end of the day, this is not your relationship and you are not qualified to comment in any fashion.

    Would you be surprised to know that I am but a few short years older than Daley? Perhaps I should just stick to my wine coolers, eh? I’d say it’s reasonable to assume that he can also have a conversation that doesn’t involve ignorant references to Scott Fitzgerald. Furthermore, even if he is immature, that is okay too.

    Perhaps the bigger focus should be upon the lack of openly gay sports men and women?

  27. Actually it’s not the age difference per se for me because there are relationships of significant age differences that work and seem to last longer than those of similar age ranges. Couples like Celine Dion and Rene Aubergine(?), RIP, Paul Walker and his long time girlfriend and some others are examples. They may share more than just the physical aspects, i.e. similar energy and mindset. However, those are rare exceptions and clearly don’t work for many.

    My issue is really the purpose middle and older aged gay men with status, position and power use to get the fresh kid out on the block. It seems driven by their own insecure needs or desires. I don’t know Black’s dating preferences or proclivities myself, but a lot of times, guys his age are just looking to stroke their own egos and vanities by parading around in public and in front of those they know, their “Boy-toy” as if saying, ” Look at what I can get or have.” Count Calvin Draculien has been doing it since way back Transylvania and still continues doing it.

    When a new or younger one appears, they go after him the same way. They’re passing on this archaic and jaded tradition, that this is what’s done as one gets older in the gay male community, which in gay male culture can begin 31-35. Young guys like Daley, whether the affair is short or long term, end up having a jaded outlook towards dating and relationships instead of a meaningful experience, thus, perpetuating the same behavior.

    Oh, and for those who say Daley is an adult, he is in age and height legally. Mentally, most of us don’t start developing a more (call it) adult mindset until their late 20s, early even mid 30s sometimes.

  28. It was very difficult to read this blog entry without doing the voice of Vicky Pollard from Little Britain. It saddens me to think that you feel a 19 year old Olympic athlete doesn’t have life experience or in fact is not in charge of his own faculties. Who cares if there’s an age difference as long as it’s consensual? Maybe it will be happily ever after, maybe it won’t. We all learn by our life experience regardless of gender or orientation. My 19 year old self I’m sure is very different to my 37 year old self, but isn’t that the best bit about life and love? Learning it. Living it? And let’s be fair to Dustin too. Why is it necessary to paint him as a predator taking advantage of a young whipper-snapper? Would you think the same of a 60 year old with someone of 40. It’s preposterous and offensive. (Barry)

  29. Tom Daley is in waaaay beyond his depth (bad pun for a diver). Good on him for coming out, but I feel he’s got himself crosseyed with Hollywood stardom. Look, he’s an athlete. He’s compared himself with a level of stardom he cant attain, and his recognition factor in the UK has gone to his head. He will be looked on by Dustins peers as a little whore, and he doesn’t have the inner resources to negotiate it. I don’t care about the age thing, and I don’t care about Dustin taking advantage of TD (don’t think this is the case). I think this is in large measure about his need to be someone he is not…gay straight or bi… his need to be with the right set, and in this case, it’s Hollywood.

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