8 Genius Ways To Break up With A Friend

When you break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend it’s perfectly acceptable to say “get the fu*k out of my life!!” With a friend it’s not so easy. Occasionally there are people that come into our lives that we accept with open arms…then as time goes by we discover that they are: A. Crazy B. Obnoxious or…

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What I (Don’t) Miss About My 20′s

  Turning 30 was devastating. Not only did I turn 30. But I was now between 30 and 35. Meaning a whole new group of dating profile preferences. “Sorry only looking for under 30″: As of midnight on March 22nd 2013 my face was filtered out of many a twenty something’s radar. I wasn’t exactly…


10 Things All Restaurants Should Have. But Don’t.

  1. Map to the Bathroom “Oh the bathroom? Just right down there second door on your left, pass the troll, over the bridge, kill the dragon and through the fiery tunnel. It’s easy.” 2. Asshole Section “Sorry, our system shows you’ve been tagged as an “asshole”, a big one at that. Here’s your table…


7 Movie Cliches To Throw Away

1. “It’s Your Destiny” Trust me there is no god that said “this man shall be the inventor of Hot Pockets. 2. “All You Need is Love” I’m sure when John Lennon wrote this he was loving a LOT of things. People that love each other will cheat. People that love each other will deceive.…


9 Stupid Things “Real Housewives” Say

“This was supposed to be a nice day…I didn’t expect there to be a huge fight” Glasses don’t throw wine in people’s faces. Housewives do. “I heard from Rachel, that Carrie said that you said I was a whore.” 1. She probably called you a whore. 2. She probably meant it in the nicest whore-slut way possible. 3.…

Olympics: To Watch…Or…Not To Watch

The day has finally come. The Opening Ceremonies of the most free sporting event in the world, in one of the least free countries in the world. To be gay is to break the law: to be yourself is to break the law. I type that again. To be yourself is to break the law.…

Thank you Google. Thank you.

“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” -The Olympic Charter. Lets replace “sport” with “life”.